Two Wives

Cum guzzling slut


Your dick is a miracle I love to slobber on it so much I want to worship you every single night. When you come home you make me want to fuck you right all I think about is making you feel just like a man. You’re a Raging Beast you’ve got a horribly huge cock your dick is thick it’s hard it’s so fucking heavy, and I love it. I think about you when you’re away I dream about you when I’m awake that’s the hold you have over me. You make me dream you make me wonder you make me want you so fucking bad I’m aching for your body right now. I know your fiance she has no idea that we are still together I don’t give a fuck at all. You’ve got to live, and as far as I am concerned, you have got two wives to because I am your wife and she is going to be. You can have what you want with me when you’re tired of her come and drive your cock inside of my wet pussy. I am better than her, and I’ll prove it I’ll suck your cock from the back I know that’s how you like it, but she has no idea how to do it. I know you’re only going to marry her because her father has so much cash, it’s okay. I support you because we are going to break the bank. I want you to choke me ever so gently when you fuck me as I climax you can squeeze because I love it. Don’t forget when you put that ring on her finger that before you go on your honeymoon, you need to come in fuck me for at least 4 hours.

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