Turning Heads

phone sex line ellaTonight, I am putting on my flashiest ruffled micro-mini and using one of my big silk scarves as a wrap tied over my silk camisole. I’m going to go out to that one bar that I know Junior will be at. I don’t like the way he keeps degrading me. Since he’s getting worse, I can only assume that he’s close to the breaking point. I want to see if I can break him down.

I walk into the bar, and all the heads turn. Some know about me, and they are quickly telling their friends who don’t and are drooling. That’s ok. I hardly notice the salacious grins turning to sneers because I have found the focus of my attentions. Junior is leaning over the pool table, having already seen who was here, and is lining up his next shot.

I sashay over to the bar table nearest his pool table, nonchalantly taking my seat and ignoring him like he isn’t even there. I know that’ll get him good and riled. Oh, yep, there goes that temper, I can feel it seething behind me without even turning to look. I’ll try to update you tomorrow. 😉

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