phone sex line freidaI took baby girl with me to the grocery store today. We went down the snack and cereal aisle and grabbed some of her favorite goodies before heading on back to produce. I grabbed an ear of corn, a couple of avocados, a cucumber, and was just squeezing some tomatoes to check ripeness when I heard Tommy talking to her behind me.

I turned around to see him smiling at her before he winked at me out of the corner of his eye. I nodded slightly to let him know I understood what he wanted, and we took baby girl to the very back corner of produce. He picked her up and before I could blink, he had his dick unsheathed and buried under her skirt. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she let out a slight whimper as his enormous shaft found its way home inside her. Then she sighed and kissed the corner of his mouth. Right there, in the back of produce, I watched Tommy have his way with her, and I watched as her little face contorted in ultimate pleasure. Oh, the memories.

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