Try Something Different

Dirty phone sex


Oh, Alex yes right there don’t stop”, I moaned as he pounded my pussy wetting the sheets with my juices. We have been fucking for five hours straight nonstop. Let’s try something different, Alex. My freaky ass was willing to do anything, so he flipped me over on top of him. “Now sit on my face ma, I want that pretty pussy on me,” Alex said while biting his lips. “I want you all in my mouth, I don’t want to miss any of your sweet pussy juices.” I was shocked. I laughed, but I was down for anything. Once I sat down, he snatched me instantly locking his arms around my legs so I couldn’t escape. I was screaming and moaning, “Alex, don’t stop. I’m so fucking wet. I love when you suck on my clit and stick your tongue in my pussy.” When he slid his tongue in my pussy, I started to ride his face. I was so aroused and soaking wet when I squirted one more time it was running down his face. I laid in the bed, exhausted while he got on top laughing “damn girl.” I grabbed his face and licked the rest of my juices of his lips. “anything for you big daddy.”

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