Trucker’s Delight

Lot Lizard Sex


The regular lot lizards aren’t as pretty or as cute as me. You get hard as soon as you see my cute tanned body walking around looking for cocaine and giving out blowjobs like it’s Christmas. Let me up into the cab of your truck and force me to suck your cock- can’t make that money for nothing right? Your dick tastes so salty and sweaty, I love being your little cheap hooker on the down-low. None of my friends know what I do for thrills. Take your hand and make me gag on your big juicy dick. I lick up your pre-cum with a smile. Being a dirty whore is my kink and making extra money for slutting it up is fun for me. Bang the shit out of me in your truck and call your friends on the radio- you found a cute and tight whore who has no limits. When are you going to be back on this side of town?

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