Guzzling Cum With A Straw

Cum guzzling slutI fucked this guy the other day and he busted so many loads of cum, it was literally the most that it’s ever been with any guy I have ever hooked up with! We grabbed a bucket and he began to shoot his gooey cock cream into it as we watched it fill up with pure pleasure! We had a good 24 hour fuck fest and that bucket was nearly full by the time that we were done! We sat in his trailer on the couch and he got me a big straw which I dunked into the bucket of baby batter. It was so warm and milky, but it tasted like shit! He drinks a lot of beer and chews on a lot of chewing tobacco so naturally his sperm is going to taste foul as fuck! What can I say though, i’m a filthy cum guzzling whore and I love to drink it down! Best believe, I swallowed down every last drop! The feeling of being a cum filled cunt as it swims around all up inside of me is so fucking sexy!

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