Tramp state

Gangbang sex stories Hey guys! What’s up I’m Sybil, but I’m not so civil.  Last week, I was out in the city during lunch rush so horny… I mean hungry lol. I stopped by some sports bar on the side street, and I had the best food. HAHA <3 But, what I really enjoyed was my holes being filled and pounded in a gang bang way back in the kitchen. Oh yeah I let all the employees male and female fuck my warm juicy body. My favorite pleasure was given to me once again being the willing tramp I am. They pulled on each arm and leg holding me in the air while the others gang banged me and sucked on my pussy. No better feeling of being suspended and drilled from throat to ass while getting licked all over my pussy with a dick pounding me is just pure pleasure, and the climax, oh the orgasmic beauty. I keep a hard dick in my mouth, each hand gets a cock and the rest gape my juicy pink slit and fresh wet ass hole open to fill with cum. of course, I fart it all the cum out once I get alone in my shower, doggy styled in my tub first fucking my self to finish my quivers. So call me, Sybil because I need more pleasures.

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