Cum Facials

Cum dumpsterI’ve always been fascinated with men ejaculating. When I was younger I would sneak on the family computer at watch porn. I would get so turned on when the men ejaculated on the girls’ faces. I loved the way cum squirted out like a small water fountain. At a very young age, I became obsessed with making a boy bust a load. I wanted to feel it on my face and find out how it tasted. There was a teenage boy that lived next door to us and I wanted his cum all over me. I was a few years younger than him, but what teenage boy can pass up a blowjob? I finally got him alone in his garage and sucked him off behind his mom’s Toyota Camry. Watching a ton of porn paid off because I gave a mindblowing blowjob, he nutted in seconds. I felt it shot against the back of my throat. It had a salty taste and slightly thick consistency. I was hooked. He didn’t cum on my face that first time, but we spent a lot of time in that garage. Eventually, he gave me cum facials every other day. When my friends started getting pimples my face remained clear, cum is really great for your skin.

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