This PMommy Can Party!

No Taboo Phone Sex

A nasty Pmommy slut like me doesn’t need any encouragement to show her sweet little darlings off down at the truck stop lot I tend to whore around every night. The men love to see my innocent hunnies all decked out in their sluttiest attire. My offspring range, and I have eight! Yes, two from each of my four marriages! I never partied while pregnant, at least not the hard stuff! Now however, I’m free to fuck myself up and get myself fucked as much as I damn well please. And I do, every time I take my slutkins out to prowl the fucking lots with me.

I get so wet watching these big, salty truckers force their cocks down the young throats of my cherubs. Some of my brats scream, and fight, and cry. I swear that almost fucking makes me wetter. I just keep chasing the dragon, hazing my way through as I masturbate my nasty PMommy pussy to the sight of my sweet, innocent ones being forcibly violated and used. By the time they get handed back to me, they’re filthy little cum dumpsters, covered in stains no holy water will ever wash away.

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