This Mommy Blows Best

live phone sex BBCSo my son came home from college this week. He brought home a yummy dark morsel for me and my daughter to play with for the week. Drew is my son’s college roommate. I guess this hung lad comes from a family that plays together too, just his family is a bit more park avenue than trailer park. My son informed me that they have a friendly little wager going on to see whose mommy blows the best. While my son was with his family over Spring Break, he got to have a chocolate mommy blow him. I was happy to blow his roommate’s dick. Young dark meat? What’s not to love? But, I don’t just swallow dark meat. I devour it with my pussy, ass and mouth.

I had Drew naked and on the couch with his cock up my cunt after 20 minutes of meeting him. After 24 minutes of meeting him, his black cock was up my trailer park ass. My son relaxed with a beer and watched the show. I’m a dirty old cougar. I know I am the mommy blows best expert. No way a park avenue mommy does some of the shit I do, like ass to mouth, creamy facials and rim jobs. I even let the boys piss in my mouth if they want. That chocolate cock owned my ass and twat for awhile and finished him off in my mouth. Sure his dick tasted of my dirty ass, but I was not going to lose a cock sucking contest to some rich trophy wife.

bbc phone sex whoreDrew shot a thick creamy load of cum down my throat, followed by a piss chaser to wash it down. The fact that I let him fuck my ass with his thick anaconda then blew him with ass juice on his thick rod, made me the BJ mommy queen. This trailer park mommy blows best. Years of experience counts for something. That along with absolutely no inhibitions. Dirty sex is the best sex.

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