My Cousin’s Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

Monday night I got so drunk, but I don’t care. It doesn’t have to be the weekend for me to party! I must not be the only one who thinks that because the house party I went to was HUGE. After I had a few shots I ended up bumping into my cousin Rob and he was looking good. Growing up I always thought he was cute, but he looked so fucking sexy Monday night. Those shots really hit me hard because I was clinging to him that night, flirting to. I was too wasted to feel embarrassed and it’s not like he was pushing me away either.

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At one point that night we ended up in the bathroom together where Rob confessed that he had always wanted me. Suddenly, I was on my knees licking my cousin’s sexy dick from it’s tip to his balls. Then, Rob forced me to my feet and bent me over the sink before he shoved every last inch of his thick prick deep into my ass.

We were both looking in the mirror, watching him pound my slutty little ass. My big, round tits were bouncing up and down before Rob reached around to grab them with his hands. They spilled out around his fingers while he fucked my ass harder and deeper until he filled it up with cum.

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Never in my life have I felt dirtier. It might sound crazy, but I loved it. My cousin just fucked my ass in the bathroom and then we both went back to partying like nothing happened. Feeling his warm cum leak out of my sore little hole was so hot because it was happening in front of everyone, but no one knew. I’ve hooked up at a lot of parties before, just never with one of my first cousins. I hope it’s not the last time.

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