This Big dick sucker gets what she wants

Big dick suckerAs a big dick sucker, cocks against my face are a great feeling. Hot dick against my ass, one rubbing away against my cunt slit, pressuring dick with my boobs and even stepping on some depraved dealers in need of touch but with nowhere left for me to give it. That was my morning, and holy shit was it fun. I love a good one woman orgy, where I’m a toy to too many people to keep track. The goal is to put myself into good positions to be used as a toy and not a lover. I don’t want some guy to mount me, intertwined our fingers and pin my hands by my head while he gently rocks into me and takes my lips slowly and sensually. As an anal cum dumpster I’m into a real rough routine that has at least three to four guys, and that takes work, practice, a sense of precision. If I’m on my stomach, it needs to be on top of a guy and in the perfect position for another to get into my ass. See, there’s a problem though, then the guy I’m titfucking has his balls swaying in the guy under me’s face, so I need to twist a little, and if I’m already twisting myself I need a place for my hands to rest for balance. It turns out, gripping two big dicks and jerking them off makes a great balance, so that’s five guys. The sixth is where things get really hard and complicated – pun hella intended. I need it, I really need it, so my normal routine at that point is to turn my head and open my mouth and hope someone else can figure it out. Even if they can’t, I at least expect someone to jerk off so they can spray all over my face through the confusion. What’s the point of being used by a group of horny guys if no one leaves this cum guzzling slut covered in stinky spunk!

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