The Wetter, the Better

phone sex lineWhen my dealer, B comes to visit he expects a good tight piece of ass. He has seen my really freaky side and he fucking loves it. He brings friends sometimes to gangbang me, and I love that. Their big black cocks bring me so much pleasure and so does all of the free blow that he brings me! Tonight he brought three friends. I had one in my ass while another fucked my pussy. They were going at me so hard that I had the strangest sensation. It was good, great even, but akward also. My legs were shaking and I wanted to scream out, so I did. As soon as I let loose vocally, I suddenly pissed all over their big black anacondas. I had no idea how good it would feel and how much they would like it. I guess the warm fluid only made their cocks harder because then they really rammed me, both cumming so hard. As a thank you, they left me lots of blow so I will be partying. Call me, I’ll be horny and ready to phone fuck you.

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