The Kitty Cat Monster 

Creampie sex stories


Paul is a nasty motherfucker, he is always taking his dick out in public places like parks and beaches and public bathrooms. Paul says that he likes to make women’s pussies wet with his huge 12-inch cock, he calls it the kitty cat monster. One-night Paul and I were walking in the park when all of a sudden, a woman was coming towards us jogging Paul gave her direct eye contact I knew what he wanted to do she gave him eye contact too. Paul said to me when she passed by, she wants to see my cock she wants me to pull it out, I laughed I told him he better not. Although I did get kind of wet thinking about him doing it right there in front of me and her, it’s amazing how big his cock is too. The woman ran past us again this time as she was approaching he grabbed his crotch her eyes went instantly down she looked back up and smiled. Paul said to me that woman wants to see my cock, she really wants to see my hard cock and that’s not all I responded to him if she runs around again show it to her. The woman ran around again as she was approaching he stopped her way and he grabbed his cock and unzipped his pants and slung it out. The woman stopped She licked her lips you could see her nipples getting rock hard I was getting so horny too. The lady asked Paul could she touch it he said sure So she touched his big hard cock. The lady said let’s go behind the bushes and I’ll suck your cock for you Paul agreed I walked over with him do you want to know what else happened.


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