The Human Urinal

Golden showers sex stories


Golden shower sex stories really get my cunt dripping wet.  Last night I was fucking my dirty little snatch and watching some gutter porn when I decided to go out and find some real action.  I blew a few rails, made myself look extra slutty and hit the truck stop.  Those guys really know how to use a whore like me.  I walked up on a guy taking a steamy piss and he didn’t hesitate to put me in my place in a hurry.  Soon I was at his feet on the concrete, taking a hot stream of his golden nectar all over my face.  He saw the collar a good whore like me always wears, snapped a chain out of his pocket and clipped me in.  He was eager to feed me piss, and not just his own.  He led me to the shower room and chained me to the grate in the middle of the floor where he and all of his buddies took turns using me as a human urinal.  I was so wet inside and out.



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