Tech guy and I

cum dumpsterbig dick suckerI am a cum dumpster even at work. I like nothing more than to get off when I am supposed to be assisting customers. My definition of helping clients is hands-on with the clients. When I say hands on, I mean it ultimately. I love to rub off on cocks and suck them and guzzle them. My hottest encounter this week has to be the tech guy that came over to fix more than my faulty computer. I was having technical issues, and my laptop needed fixing. When the young guy came in my hunger for his meat was high as can be. I was going to have fun with this cute geek. I could tell his dick was huge. I had my tits out and was pressing up against him. Every bit of desire was mutual. My cunt was slippery and was calling out for his dick. I wasn’t going to be subtle or shy I was going to get what I wanted. Instantly I rubbed his cock and I must of startled him because he flinced. I kissed his lips and worked my way down. I was loving that he was so shocked but yet so ready. I was going ot show him why I am a big dick sucker. I creamed him and fucked him like never before.

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