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Creampie sex stories


If you want to hear some of the craziest creampie sex stories ever then you absolutely have to talk to my stripper whore Trixie.  Oh, I have plenty of pearly semen soup stories of my own, but she has so many internal cumshot tales that I’m surprised that skinny bitch has never gotten pregnant before.

She told me about how she takes on tricks at work, sometimes a few at once.  Said the VIP room at the club is a great place for her to make some extra cash.  Makes sense to me, I don’t give a shit where she bangs her booty buying boners as long as she gives me my cut.  Anyway, apparently she can make an extra grand or so a night by gettin’ it while she’s stripping.

Trix says that not every one of the gentlemen in the place want to blast their jelly blobs up into her cooter, but most of them do.  If she’s taking on more than one perv at the same time then one or two of them will typically give her gash their goop, but there’s always someone, maybe a couple, who don’t want their buddy’s cum to touch their cock, so they’ll just blast it somewhere on her.  Face, titties or pussy hole, you know the routine.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not telling it right.  You should ask Trixie, she’s a lot funnier than I am.  If you want, I can tell you about blasting a hot, shit filled load out of my asshole all over the passenger seat of a local rapper’s Escalade.  That was pretty fucking funny!


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