Talk to Sexy Girls

I met a hottie today as I was going get groceries from the store. He picked found me walking along the road, and offered me a ride into town. Naturally, as nice as he looked, I wasn’t turning that down.

He escorted me the entire time I was shopping, grabbing what appeared to be a random item here and there. Given the number and variety of things he got, it was pretty apparent that he had no real goals in this store. We finished shopping, hit the checkouts, and then headed out. He pulled the buggy to the rear of his car, put the groceries in the trunk, and then escorted me around to the passenger side. He handed me down into my seat, closed my door, and made his way to his side.Sexline

No sooner had we pulled out of the lot than his hand found my thigh. I glanced at him, and he grinned at me. He told me that it takes a lot to get up the courage to talk to sexy girls, and he was proud of himself. He hoped he didn’t mind his being so forward, but he was very attracted to me, and he really hoped I wouldn’t mind him helping me into my house with my groceries.

I did let him help me in with the groceries. Just as I put the last thing that needed to be kept cold into the fridge, I felt his hands wrap around my waist, and his cock press into my backside. Since I hadn’t told him about myself yet, I held his hands in place and whispered it into his ear. He chuckled back into my ear that he had hoped he was right in that regard.

We fucked on every surface and in every corner of my kitchen before making our way, still wrapped around each other, back to my bedroom. He rammed his dick home, and he didn’t let me go until the wee hours of the next morning.

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