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Trashy MILF Beverly Loves Being Mistaken for a Working Girl

trashy milfThis trashy milf is always on the prowl for cock. Sometimes, I find it when I am not even looking. I was walking along the strip yesterday for some exercise. I had planned on going to the truck stop later that night for some BBC. Earlier in the day, however, I was just trying to fully recover from my stupor. This guy in a car pulled up and whistled at me. He was in the back seat, so I think he was in a  ride share car. He invited me in the car and told me he would take me anywhere. I think he was some rich boy on Spring break. He had a frat boy look about him, but he was in a super nice SUV with a driver. I did not care either way. He was handsome and clearly into older women. A trailer trash whore like me does well with older and younger guys.  The moment I got in the car, he pulled out his dick. It was not as big as I had hoped, but when he pulled out a wad of cash, I started sucking his dick like a pro. He thought I was a hooker. Not the first time I have been mistaken as a working girl. Money is money. If some frat boy mistakes me as a hooker, I am taking the money and blowing his rod. Easy money. He had backed up balls too. I asked him if he was down for anything. He told me he was with a sexy milf like me. I wet my finger, and slid it right up his ass while I swallowed his cock down deep. He was about 7-inches. Above average, but not small either. My finger in his ass was enough to make him blow a hole in the back of my head. That boy was backed up. He came back to life again quickly watching me be a cum guzzling slut. His driver drove us all over town while we fucked in the back seat. Another hot random encounter for this old whore.