Surprise Fun

Lot Lizzard SexI was outside my trailer yesterday when this Mexican guy came up and grabbed my ass cheek. I really couldn’t understand what he was saying but I could see how big that bulge in his jeans was so I dragged him inside my house. He immediately pushed me over the couch, lifted my dress and put his tongue in my asshole. He also shoved his thumb in my cunt as he ate my poop shooter so well. He walked around the couch in front of me and slapped his long brown cock on my face. He fucked my face so hard and violently that my face was covered in spit after a few minutes. He shoved his cock so far down that I gagged on his cock. He used the spit/ vomit as lube to fuck me in my ass fast and hard. He pumped and penetrated me so roughly that my asshole swelled up and turned red. When he came in my ass he also pissed in my ass and then he kissed me on my ass cheek before he left me there dripping our juices. I still don’t know his name or what he was saying but he has some great dick.

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