Stripper Sex Stories From Petal

Stripper sex stories

My stripper sex stories just never end, I have so many. Every night I go to work at the club I meet dozens of guys who want to get off for me. I love it, taking their money and leading them to the back room where anything can happen. It’s supposed to be for private dances, but we all know I’m getting spread open the second we get inside. Guys just can’t help themselves. They come in and see the naked strippers walking around and their titties bouncing and hips swaying. Their cocks get hard the second they walk in the door. I have fucked so many different guys in one night, it’s hard to even keep track I’m such a dirty girl. Why should I deny it or try to hide it? If you are looking for a kinky stripper that will do anything to make you cum then I’m your girl. I love getting paid just for being sexy and willing, and trust me…I’m more than willing to do anything your dirty mind can imagine.

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