Stripper sex Stories 4 Christmas.

Stripper sex storiesStripper sex Stories for Christmas.
Once upon a time there was a incest stripper named Hadley!
Her sister was younger and Hadley only wanted to make her sluttier.
She knew that the way to get to her sisters sweet pussy would to be to show her off!
Dressed Up for what was supposed to be a normal office party non-nude strip show.
But Hardcore Hadley didn’t get her name from being tame!

Not being a big whore is such a shame, Im the bad sister to blame.

I made her this way and she loves grinding on me while we cum guzzle now! 

What I did was wrong but it felt so right! 

Santas cums twice tonight!
It was in fact a nude and Pay for play sex party with some of the Local Club Owners.
My sister soon found out who we submit our bodies and souls too.
Men who pay for pussy and like it nasty and wild.
My sister would be riding my face like a sleigh!

We took all thise men in a slutty bukkake sister gang-bang! 

My fingers in my pussy as My ass gets fucked all the way! 
Santa Cums early with whores who sister fuck the way we do!
Hardcore hadley loves stripping and fucking her sister for the gangbang whore Hoe-a-days!

gangbang Whore

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