Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

My time as a stripping slut has provided me with more than enough stripper sex stories to share with you. I have seen and done some heinous things and I’m actually rather proud of them. You see, as a stripper the club is our jungle and we are the hunters. It’s all a sexy game of cat and mouse that pays a great deal of money for those of us who know how to navigate through it. I think the number one rule as a stripper is that anything goes. We must keep an open and incredibly filthy mind. My cum dumpster of a pussy has seen so many cocks that I wouldn’t even have a number to estimate for you, but there have been occasions that stand out and I love revisiting them while on the phone with somebody who equally enjoys them as he strokes his throbbing cock. If you’ve ever been a VIP client in a strip club then you probably have a decent idea of some of the stories I may be referring to. The best strippers will do anything for the right price and things do get extremely kinky in some of those private booths and parking lots.

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