Stripper Hoe

stripper sex stories

When I’m up on stage I feel so sexy! I shake my ass and spread my ass cheeks so that my plump cock craver is right in my clients face. My favorite customer to dance for is Dave. His rod always gets well and hard when I’m giving him a so dance. He’s the only guy that I let stick his fingers in my cunt and ass when I’m dancing. I love the way his short fat hands feel like a little cock inside me as I twerk on it. Though I can get any hunk I want Dave was what I’ve been listing for so last night I decided to invite him to come to my house! He nearly chummed in his pants out of mere excitement. He followed me home on multiple occasions from the strip club. I only say this because he knew exactly where I loved and to knock on the patio door instead of the one in the front. When he stepped inside his eyes were wider than a little boy’s in a candy shop. He sat in my “therapy” chair and pulled me down in his lap. I could feel his wood about to rip through his jeans. To my surprise he wasn’t just trying to rip my costume off. Instead he opened my legs and finger teased me. His stubby fingers worked methodically around my clit as I began to soak. I moaned and begged for his dick to slam my pussy. Lubrication from my twat was running down my leg and he licked the drop all the way up my inner thigh until he reached my sweet spot. My legs started to shake but he help me upright by my legs as he ate me out from behind.  As I came I pushed his head deeper into my honey hole and let him slurp up all the sweet goodness. I’m sure you’re wondering if we had sex but, that is its own story in all entirety!

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