Laundry Day Lovers

ebony girl fuckingIts laundry day but usually when I’m getting ready for work I don’t need to put much on. On this particular day, however, I was running super low on options. The only thing I had to wear was my army girl outfit from Halloween last year! When I put it on I instantly felt sexy. My next mission was to find a big black cock to fill me up. I’m a lusty little slut so attracting the owner of a bbc would not be hard. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take all my filthy laundry to the Sudz-R-Us two blocks away in my sexy outfit to not only clean my clothes but clean the cob webs that were accumulating between my legs. As soon as I stepped in I got countless stares from every dude there, except one. That’s the one I want. He seemed to have been listening to music or something on his phone but the moment I walked past I saw his gaze turn towards me. He was six feet tall with a bald head and broad shoulders. I knew he could handle this thick ass on him. I opened up his washer pretending not to notice it wasn’t mines which made him jump up in a hurry. He noticed I just wanted his attention so he walked up behind me while I was bent over and pressed his thick member against my round ass. “Excuse me, I think you have the wrong machine” he says as he closes the washer door and turns me around. My thick juicy lips caused him to ask for my name and number. When he heard my name was Carmel he wanted to know if I was as sweet as my name. I had no objections to that so I quickly threw my clothes into a washer and brought him right to my place. Before we could even get through the door his hands were glued to my ass and his cock was rock solid. The living room is where we got it on until the break of dawn. I didn’t expect this Mandingo to put it down on me the way he did. He fucked me until my toes curled and the multiple orgasms I had made me sweat out my new weave. I tried to hold back my screams as he dug deep into my passion fruit but his dick was too big and so bomb that I succumbed to his pleasure. I was at his mercy all night long as we switched positions and took turns tasting each other. It was the next day before we were able to go back and get our laundry. The whole time our clothes were drying we pretended to be strangers and didn’t say a word to each other. We pretended that we didn’t spend almost 24 hours making each other explode. It made my pussy ache for another ride on his fun stick! i was so wrapped up in the moment that I forgot to give him my number. I guess I have to wait until the next laundry day to get my fill of this beautiful chocolate man.

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