Stripper Fucks Customer in VIP Room

Hot stripper sex


Stripping in the club and getting tipped a whole bunch of money can be great, but I know the real money is in the private rooms. In walks a high roller, well-dressed and eager to spend on girls. He is throwing so much money around I know I have to get a piece of that. I straddle his lap, play with his hair and tell him that he can enjoy more than a show if he takes me to the VIP room. We go in there and I strip for him, revealing my sexy titties and my pussy shaved bald. He pulls down his pants to show off his huge cock. He tells me to rub my pussy on his cock. I rub my pussy, now wet from rubbing my clit, all over the tip of his cock. He says that if I sit on his cock he’ll give me the tip of a lifetime. I ride that cock hard, bouncing my tits and my ass up and down, telling him to grab my ass while I ride him. He comes inside my pussy, cum dripping out of it. When he cleans up, he slaps my ass and gives me a nice big tip. I hope he comes back next time because I have a few more things I want to try out on him. I wonder if he has ever been given a blowjob by a stripper who can make him cum instantly.  

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