Strip Club Feature Dance

Hot stripper sex CarrieI love to feature dance at my local strip club, it’s always a special night whenever I do and all of my regulars come out to support me! I used to strip every fucking night but now I do more out-call prostitution work, so i’m not up in the strip club as much as I used to be. All of my customers gather like a pack of wolves at the club and drool over me while I shake my sex ass on stage for them! I wear my hottest, skimpiest little outfit so that my tits and ass are hanging out! The way I slide up and down the pole drives them fucking wild! They hoot and holler for me, it’s so fucking hott! Of course I expect tons of money to be thrown at me too, my regulars always take great care of me, especially because they know I love to shop and buy drugs! They know better than to just throw some lousy one dollar bills, they better be throwing twenty and hundred dollar bills my way! The more money they throw, the freakier I get! I love fucking the pole while they stare in amazement! It’s so much fun and I love being the slut in the spotlight!

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