Strawberry Queen

gangbang whore

 A strawberry girl is one who trades her pussy for drugs and I hold the title in my town. I am the queen, every dealer wants a taste of this pussy but they have to give up the good blow for me to give it up. My dealer and I have a good thing going, he takes care of me and I take care of him. He came over Friday night after I text him, and when he arrived I was waiting with black thigh highs, crotchless black panties and high heels on. I had handcuffed one of my hands to a table because I was on the phone with the other hand. Yes, I had a caller listening in to the entire thing. I am a freak like that. When my dealer came in and saw me there waiting for him, legs spread wide open, he went straight to his knees and gave me everything I wanted, from a good licking to a good fucking and left me with all the drugs I needed to finish out the weekend.

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