Stranger in my bed


Big dick sucker

Last night a perverted stranger got in my bed and told me he wanted me to give him a little cum-busting head, so I told him okay. This stranger had a big fat cock it was about 12 inches or more it was thick too it was so amazing. My pussy was yearning to be fucked to I wanted it more than he thought I did I wanted it’s so bad. My body is needing to be a description of all your rape fantasy you can have me if you want me I’ve always dreamed of a strange man sneaking in my bedroom window at night while I’m asleep. I want to be taken advantage of I want my mouth to be covered while he’s fucking me. My pussy is so wet right now all I need is to be taken control of by a hard cock. If I scream, I want him to pound me harder and make me shut up right now. I need a heartless fucker who’s not afraid of an amount of damage. I need a slut-shaming motherfucker who wants to be bad tonight. I’m not scared of being treated like a tramp. Just like the men who came into my window, he tied me down to my bed with my pantyhose. And when I couldn’t move, he shoved his big fat cock so deep inside my pussy that it made me squirt everywhere. All I know is I love being dominated, so when he was fucking me, it felt like heaven on Earth. He slapped me with his cock and then stuffed it down my throat, he choked me like a fucking disastrous whore. I pretended that I was afraid, and I pretended that I wanted him to stop, but I was pleading for him to get worse deep inside my mind. Does that make me a nasty whore who likes to be bad, does that make me a hypocrite because I’m a preacher’s daughter? I’ve got to know because ever since that night I’ve been so horny for it to happen to me again. Can you do that to me can you make me feel like a fulfilled rape fantasy for you?

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