Stoned and Fisted by my Girl

fisting phone sexThere is nothing I love more than young pussy and cock. I am a white trash whore and happy to be. However, if there is one thing I do love better than young pussy and cock, it is getting stoned and playing with young pussy or cock. Today was no exception. I had gotten some primo weed. This was some of the best loud I had gotten in a long time. I was completely stoned. When I get stoned, I get horny as hell. I am on the couch when my daughter comes in stoned out of my mind and playing with my pussy. I didn’t even have to say anything. The little slut came right over and started licking away on Mama’s hot snatched. She has gotten to be so damn good at it. She then starts to finger my cunt and I just lay back and enjoy the sensations running through my body. The weed has me relaxed and the feelings are intensified. She starts with two fingers and then adds a third. Before long she has four fingers up inside my hot pussy. I am getting close to coming when I hear a pop and realize her hand has slipped in all the way to the knuckles. She is fucking me with almost her whole hand. I tell her to put her thumb into her palm and keep fucking me just like that. She has my pussy all stretched out, but I am so relaxed from the weed, there is no pain at all, just pleasure. A little harder she pushes and I soon realize her whole hand is buried within my pussy. She closes her fingers into a a ball and begins fisting me. This was a new experience for me. I don’t even know where the little whore learned about it, but I am floating somewhere near heaven. When I look down, I see that she has slipped into me all the way past her wrist. She is fucking me hard with her fist and suddenly I spray come all over her. It is dripping down her face like it would if a man gave her a facial! I guess I can add Fisting Whore to my list of names now. Fits right in with Trailer Park Trash I guess!

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