My filthy fart fetish

scat phone sex

You liked your women dirty but I didn’t mind. I knew exactly what you needed. I dropped to my knees and spread your ass cheeks. It was smelly and I knew you hadn’t showered lately. I touched my tongue to that puckered rim and I could taste the flecks of shit that you had missed. I began with your rim job, slowly licking every wrinkle on that asshole, cleaning you. Then I delved deeply, tongue rolled, into the depths of your ass. You farted right in my face and I could smell the sweet stench of rectum. That’s what I love the best, when they fart right in my mouth. The blast of gas being pushed out of that asshole, watching it wink, as it blows into my face. I inhale the fumes and taste them, hoping for a shart, a little taste of heaven.  I tongue fucked you quicker as you stroked his own cock. When you were all clean, I moved around to the front, where you were holding a half-hard penis. “Open wide, whore” you grumbled. I opened my mouth-urinal, allowing him to spew hot urine into my piehole. I gulped to keep up with the never-ending stream as it overflowed my mouth and ran freely down my tits. Your cock was all ready to blow now. You jerked it furiously, shooting foul blobs of man mayo to run down my face and mix with the piss. Another fart from your gassy bowels sent me over the edge and I spasmed helplessly.
I am a human shithole, an outhouse, and a submissive scat queen. I know my place in this world and that is servicing you like a good slave. Please allow me to be your toilet tissue and fart eater. It makes my pussy so wet to please you.

toilet sex

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