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druggy phone sex

You and I make a perfect team baby. That bitch deserved to get robbed the way she flaunted up and down the street with her fancy Michael Kors bags. You snatched her slender body into the alley as you covered her mouth. “You better not scream or this pussy is mines” you declare as you grab a hand full of her snatch to show her you mean business. With the strap against her temple you tell her, “Hand over all the shit, bitch! We know you’re loaded” I was dying for a fix and my hands were shaking as I tried to hold my gun steady. She handed me her whole purse with a wallet, keys to a BMW, and a few crumpled 20 dollar bills. None of this shit phased me because I wanted her pussy so bad and I had always had a rape fantasy. “Let me taste this pussy” is all I had say for you to step aside. I ripped her skirt off and pulled her panties down exposing pink lips that seemed ready to be kissed. The sweet smell of her panic was floating from her pussy. Her eyes widened as I began to finger her clit. I could tell she had never been with a woman before. You pushed her firmly against the brick as I lowered myself to get a taste of her. Her legs began to shake as I ate her pussy showing me she was giving into the pleasure. I wanted her to be nice and wet so when you rammed your cock into her the doctors wouldn’t see any sign of force. I saw you putting the condom on so I knew my time was running short. “Turn around cunt” you say as you threatened to hit her in the head with the gun. She whimpered but deep down she knew she wanted you. I anxiously played with myself as I watched you take her from behind. She was moaning so loud because your cock is so big! I watched in amazement as the cum trickled down her leg. That bitch was begging for us to do this to her. I knew it!! The next time she’s on our block I know she’s going to be on the lookout for us and I won’t hesitate to make her the most willing victim in the hood.

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