Tease and Denial Results in Squirting Sex

Hot stripper sex

I had been on the verge of orgasm for the longest time. You bring me close to the edge and back off, denying me the final pleasure. My body is a quivering bowl of jello. The need to cum is overwhelming yet you continue to deny me. You suck the  lips of my sloppy wet pussy, sending a thrill throughout my whole body before finally closing your lips around my clit, licking and sucking. When I am close to coming, you stop. Then you use your fingers and get me close again before denying me once again. You mount me putting your thick cock inside my overheated cunt. After a few strokes. I am begging you to make me cum. Yet once again, you back off.

Sloppy wet pussy

Finally, I take that control away from you. I mount your cock in a reverse cowgirl, riding that thick baby up and down with my quivering cunt. My pussy is so close to coming it is contracting all over your dick. You feel the contractions. It is a sort of massage that is attempting to  milk your cock of all that baby making juice. I am at the point of coming once again and I will not be denied this time. Faster and faster, I fuck your hard cock in and out of my pussy. Finally. I explode in a huge gushing amount of squirting cum, which soaks the both of us.

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