Spicy Asian Dinner

After that delightful dinner with Junior and his grandmother, he’s been stuck in my brain. So, when he called me today to ask if he could come over and bring dinner tonight, I had a hard time keeping my cool. Keep it I did, though. I spent the afternoon pampering myself and getting ready. Every cream, lotion, powder, and balm in my repertoire was used to advantage. Every inch of my skin was so soft and pliable, and just slightly fragrant. I could not WAIT for him to show up.BBC phone sex

Show up he did. He was wearing a black button-down shirt unbuttoned at the top few buttons, black jeans, and some shined up black dress shoes. He walked in carrying a large paper bag. He brought it straight over to the table while I shut and locked the door. He had brought over Teriyaki chicken and mei fun. Dinner was SOOO good, and we chatted a bit over dinner. He kept giving me these sexy little glances when he thought I wasn’t paying attention to him. By the time we finished eating, my blood was BOILING! My dick was so hard and ready.Cum dumpster

He cleaned up our mess while I wiped the table. Just as I was finishing the table, he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me back into this amazing embrace, and his hands slid up my body as my arms slid up behind his head. Our mouths met, and I turned in his arms. His hands slid down to my ass, pulling our cocks together through our pants. Dinner just got spicy!!

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