One In The Pink One In The Stink

freaky phone sex I have never felt so classy. I got paid to come to a event and he bought me some new clothes cause all I have is sleezy stripper shit. I feel weird covering the best parts about me which is my tits and my ass. I was raised to show what you got and I do that. But for tonight I dressed the way he wanted and when I got there I was greeted my the guy who payed me and his friend.  I walked in thinking it was a party but I only see them standing there with huge grins. I walk farther into the house and I seen a huge crystal tray full of coke! I started to drool and my nose started to twitch. They said I could have all the coke I wanted as long as they can use me like the drug whore they knew I was. I jumped to that so quick, and I have done so much worse. All three of us sat on the couch and started doing the coke and I could feel my pussy get so wet and I know there cocks are throbbing. One pulls down my dress and starts to suck on my hard nipples, and since my dress was pulled up the other one started licking my throbbing wet slit. His tongue just rubbing on my throbbing clit felt so fucking good. I am not going to give it all away 🙂

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