Sorority Whores!

Teen sluts fucking The best thing about being in a sorority with a bunch of other pretty girls is that you get to play with their pretty holes when they are horny bitches in heat. This one slut in particular is my pretty friend Carlie; she is the leader of all the girls in our sorority. Literally, everyone wants to be her but no one knows she loves getting her pussy eaten by me.

She is lowkey a little lesbo and I love that because I am a whore who just loves sex no matter what. I eat pussy and ass and suck cock and balls. For me, I just knew the best way to work my way up the pole in this sorority is to show her that I am the best here. The greatest way I could show that is by eating her fuck box and ass hole until she was a sloppy fucking mess. It was so much fun feeling her convulse underneath me while she squirted like a fuck slut.

It was so great watching her beg and plead me not to tell anyone that she is a little box munching lesbian. I told her my lips are sealed as long as I am in the lead in this sorority with you and everyone knows I am in charge too. She gave me a little fight back until she realized I would spill her secret to all the girls. I told her I would make sure she had her pussy and ass eaten and fucked daily as long as she gave me what I wanted. She was such a horny mess she agreed to do whatever I wanted. I would never tell her secret but it is so much fun making her think I would as I make her cum !

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