Some Young Hookers for Hire Need Punished

hookers for hireI have a family of hookers for hire. All my slutkins have been trained to be good whores. It seems, however, that this quarantine has made some of them lazy and disobedient. I am a dominant mommy. I love my little cash cows, but they will not forget their place. Two of my daughters have developed a smart mouth. I am not going to let any little whore smart off to me and refuse to do what she is told, especially when I am telling her to suck cock. Normally, my husband and I have a no harm policy. Fuck our little whores, but do not leave a mark. I changed that last night when a retired porn star in the neighborhood wanted a few hours with my Lolita hookers. This guy has damn near a foot-long cock. It is a punisher dick. Women like me would be sore from his cock. I had no doubt a couple disobedient young girls would be too. I told the client to fuck them with no lube. I wanted the bitches to hurt. I wanted them to walk funny today. I wanted them to agree to be good whores in exchange for never being fucked by him again. I got my wish too. He fucked them so hard and dirty I had new girls today. Sure, they have prolapsed assholes and gaping cunts, but that will heal in time. The important thing is that I got my sexy prostitutes back on track.

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