Some Names Stick

Cum dumpster


My nickname ever since I was little has always been “Cum Dumpster Caroline.”  That’s what my daddy called me and it just stuck to me like it was glued to my forehead with dry jizz.  It didn’t take long at all for it to spread through my P family and then throughout the entire trailer park.  Everyone started calling me that, but I didn’t mind.  It actually made my young little twat twitch with excitement every time I heard the call ring out through the court.

I took several juicy loads a day for years.  Between my family and all of the trailer trash boys, my pussy was perpetually filled with fuck juice, saturated with cream and covered in crust 24/7/365.

I couldn’t even take a shower without my dad or brothers busting in and bending me over the tub.  They wanted to make sure that my cunt was never fully cleaned of cock snot.  They’d bust their hot nut deep inside of me while the warm water washed down my dirty, sud covered body.  The feeling is indescribable!

I never grew out of my role as a cum guzzling slut, in fact I’ve turned it into quite the lucrative career.  I’m older and wiser now and my tricky little pussy for pay addicts have a new, more dignified name for me…  Cum Queen Supreme Caroline! 


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