Sold My Asshole To A Truckstop John

A trailer trash whore like me knows that during the holidays I can make lots of money by selling my asshole to all the truck drivers who like to get high and fuck for hours.

Druggy porn

I waited at the truck stopped dress in my best hooker outfit and I spotted the perfect john. We had small talk and then he mentioned partying and fucking with lots of money involved. We went to a hotel room and as soon as the door closed, he pulled the drugs out and his cock. Told me to suck it if I wanted to get high and of course I did. As I sucked it, I could smell, and taste left over pussy on his cock. He had fucked someone right before getting me. His dick was hard, and we stopped to snort some lines, I got naked, and he bent me over and rubbed his powder right on my asshole and told me he would pay me big time if I let him fuck it. I agreed, and then he licked my asshole making it wet and sloppy. As he slid his cock in my ass, he told me how he made sure to numb it up because he was going to jack hammer fuck my ass until I couldn’t move any more. That is what he did for hours until his balls were empty.  I was so tired, numb and high but happy I made so much money.  

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