I Sucked His Glass Dick

Crack whore anal

There’s not much this cum guzzling whore won’t try. So when my new fucktoy suggested sprinkling a bit of crack cocaine on his cock, I was so excited to try it. I licked and sucked that yummy white powder until his cock was clean and shiny. I felt a rush throughout my body as the drugs made their way through my bloodstream. My pussy started throbbing, drenching my panties as I licked and sucked his crack covered cock. I begged for more. I wanted to intensify that rush and get higher than I’ve ever been. He pulled out his pipe and put a rock in there. He lit it up and told me to take a hit. As soon as it touched my lungs my pussy started to vibrate. I ferociously rubbed and finger fucked my wet cunt until it squirted pussy juice. He laid me on my back and watched me masturbate for a while. His semi-hard dick bulged through his pants as he watched. He took a hit of the glass pipe and his eyes rolled back. He unbuckled his pants and started rubbing his thick heavy cock through his underwear. My whole body started to tingle. I needed his throbbing cock inside my soaking wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer to my tight cunt. He pressed his spongy, mushroom head against my pink slit and I squirted again, soaking his fat cock in pussy juice. The crack made my cunt extremely sensitive. He pushed his rock-hard cock inside me and I felt sensations throughout my whole body. I came all over his thick cock again. He took his cock out my sloppy, wet slit and sprinkled more powder on it. Those tiny crystals made his cock shimmer in the light. We both smiled at the sight of his glimmering dick. I wanted that shiny, glistening cock in my tight asshole this time. I spread my ass cheeks open and bit my bottom lip. He guided his fat cock into my wet, pink asshole. I moaned deeply. The coke numbed my asshole to the pain of his cock stretching my ass wide open. He pumped his cock faster and deeper into my ass. I felt that familiar tingle start to pass through me. I knew I was going to cum hard yet again. I gave into the feeling and we both squirted our cum juices as we nutted at the same time. I don’t think my ass and pussy will ever be the same. I’m addicted to sucking that sexy glass dick and I want it to fuck me all the time. 

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