Smoke Filled Room

live phone sex

Hey Baby, I love getting High and fucking all night long, don’t you? It’s really what I live for.  If I have a long hard day, I swear all I want when I get home is a long hard fuck.  We smoke some weed and I feel so good, so relaxed and so totally horny.  That’s when I want to stay up all night just fucking.  I want you to fuck my pussy – hard.  I want you to suck my huge tits.  I want you to choke me.  I want you to fuck my pink rosebud too.  Use me in every way that you can, baby.  I’m your whore.  Most of all, I want to suck your huge, hard cock.  I want to take it into my mouth and suck on it for hours.  I love cock so much.  It tastes so good when you cum in my mouth nearly choking me with it.  I especially love when you pull me in to swallow that dick harder, gagging me.  Let’s play tonight baby, I’m ready.

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