Slutty Party Girl

Cum guzzling slut Audrey

I’m party girl, Audrey. I love having a good time. Give me a drink and some nose candy and I’m the life of the party. Last night was a blast, I was high as a kite and totally drunk. I ended up giving blowjobs in the back room. I sucked dick after dick after dick. I think I sucked off at least 20 guys. I sucked so much cock my lips swell. I loved every minute of it. I got so wet sucking all that cock, I couldn’t help finger banging myself. I even let a few of the guys titty fuck me. Yeah it was a very slutty thing to do, and I did get ugly looks from the women at the party. But I don’t regret a thing. I loved having all those dicks in my throat. And it was good for my health all that cum gave me loads of protein. I’ll be a party girl till the day I die.

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