Bathroom sex is the hottest

Scat phone sex AuroraIs it just me or is the smell of the bathroom fucking hot. The smell of a public bathroom turns me on. The sweet stinch of hot musty piss and shit water is like a romantic perfume of roses to my nostrils. Its even hotter if you walk in and the bathroom is nasty and unkept There is something about fucking and masturbating in a dirty bathroom that makes you feel dirty and kinky in a good way. I love being fucked over a toilet full of shit water and toilet paper that has not been flushed or is even clogged. I love it when the trash has been thrown on the side of the trash can and sticks to my knees while I am sucking a cock or being fucked doggy style. It makes me so wet when there are puddles of yellow stains and glory holes with my phone number all over the mens bathroom walls. Call me for  good time is an understatement.

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