Sissy Boy Slave


Extreme phone sex

Get down on your knees bitch I own you I fucking own you. Everything I tell you to do from this point on you better do it without question because if you don’t, I am going to punish you. You thought that you were better than me and you felt that you were somebody special; it’s too bad that you found out you’re nothing. You are the shit that comes out of my ass each morning when I wake up. You’re the dirty fucking mess that I wipe away from my ass with toilet paper. You need to be taught how to obey because you don’t know you don’t understand how imperative it is for you to be subservient to me. I’m your master, and I know you thought that you were my master, but you got that wrong, and now I’m going to fix it for you, you fucking piece of shit. You are a low-life you’ve got a tiny little penis that doesn’t even matter you can’t make a woman feel anything. The first time that I saw that small little thing I laughed and I knew that you were going to be my sissy boy slave. I’m not going to be kind to you why would I, you don’t deserve kindness you don’t deserve happiness you deserve Gore. You think you’re special, but I’m going to teach you don’t worry at all. I am going to show you everything you need to know.

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