Single Mom Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

Sometimes my single mom stripper sex stories get a little put there. But In my profession, I know that there is always a cute little nursery in the back of the clubs and that single mom whores must bring brats young and younger to the club. We normally take turns watching them between sets that don’t mean we take the best care of them. Shit, Most of the time there is a budding girl who oversees all of them and she loves to peek around the corners and see what her life will be like in a few years! I know I have been watched giving blow job after blow job by these sexy young whores in training. I also know if those boyfriends kept their dick in their pants these older offspring wouldn’t be here to watch all the filthy shit me and her mommies do for a dollar or two! As much as it turns us on to think about you knocking our brats up, we reserve that for the men who will take care of older daughters. You can have her pussy for a price but if you intend on knocking her up you better take her for keeps or give her slut mommy an allowance baby. I need all my cash for my white candy!


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  1. Wilson

    I want to cum in your cunt.

  2. Craig

    Hot mommy slut!

  3. Jasper

    I have some candy for you

  4. Kit

    I wish you were sitting on my face dressed like that DAMN!

  5. Justin

    Why can’t you be mom!!!

  6. Troy

    Can I buy one of your brats?

  7. bob

    Damn u a sexy bitch

  8. larry

    I want you and your daughters

  9. Sam

    I have money for your white candy. I can’t wait to call you again and hear of how you are training those young whores.

  10. Lionel

    babe u made me cum so hard!

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