Sinful boners..

Lot lizard sex

I was stuck in Beaver Utah, a shit hole of a little town. A while back some dick-head of a trucker said he could get me to Vegas. Well after he forced his dirty cock into my snatch, he dumped me on the side of the road in Missouri. Since then I have been selling my dirty cum filled pussy for rides, and anything I could snort. My fuck hole was swollen and red by the time I got to Beaver Utah. No one wanted my stinky snapper until I saw them; four young men not old enough to drink yet, dressed in white button down shirt and tie. Pressed black slacks and shiny black shoes. Mormons. Those dumb fuckers are always willing to help someone in need, and their Nevada plates made them my target. I walked to them praising Joseph Smith and begging them for help. Telling them my car broke down and I have been walking for days. I wanted to make it home for my cousin returning home from his mission. These fuckers bought me food for the long drive. It wasn’t long before I noticed the two I was sitting between couldn’t hide their sinful boners with their books of mormon any longer. Even the driver was trying to sneak a peek at my angry beaver. I slid my fingers down to my bald, wet little fuck-hole and started rubbing. Knowing these little fuckers had never seen such a sight, I figured I might as well give them the show of a lifetime!

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