Anal Cum Dumpster Takes It at the Park

Anal cum dumpsterOh, man. I ran into Junior in the park today, and a good fucking was had. I was just strolling, enjoying the slow changing of the seasons, when he literally bumped into me. Once I saw who it was, I knew immediately that it was no accidental bump. Sure enough, he pulled me back into him, wrapping his arms around me and pressing his raging boner into my ass through my skirt. He walked us a little ways off the path, and the reached between us, undoing his pants and sliding his dick up under my skirt. Just as his cock penetrated my ass, one of his hands reached under the front of my skirt and latched onto my cock. For every thrust that he gave to my ass, his hand stroked my cock, long and hard strokes. It didn’t take long to build me up to a mind-blowing orgasm, and my cum shot all over the ground in front of me just as his own filled my sphincter.

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