Silvia’s Cum Dumpster Extravaganza

cum dumpster

During the holiday season, I like to open my cunt even more than I normally do. I usually have a night down at the truck stop called “Silvia’s Cum Dumpster Extravaganza” and men come from near and far to get a piece of me. It’s almost like the wise men coming to bring baby Jesus gifts, except dirtier. I love it when man after man fucks me and fills me up with their fucking glorious cum. It’s really the only holiday gift I want or need. By the end of this night every year, I am a tired, sticky mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s not just my cunt that gets filled up with that delicious man-juice. My mouth and my dirty little asshole get their fair share of it, too. I mean, there are a lot of men and just one hole wouldn’t be nearly enough to satisfy all of them at my party. I bet you’re wishing right now that you could be a guest, aren’t you? Well, listen…if you call me right now, we’ll get so dirty that you will swear you were there. Let’s do it now before I get started without you!

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