Shit fest for Christmas

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I really needed my fix on Christmas so I decided to take my shaved cunt and sell it to all the old pervs down at the porta potties in the front of my trailer park. When I got up there I seen a line of guys waiting to take shits and I started asking if they wanted some young cunt before they go back to there nasty wives. A couple of them had something different in mind but I didn’t care as long as I got money for my coke later. They shoved me in a porta potty and started spraying my tight little body and my face with there shit and I just took my hands and starting using there shit to rub my cunt. That warm scat just covered me until you couldn’t see my white skin anymore. They where down and I walked back through the trailer park covered in shit, but I had my coke so it was total worth the shit fest.

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