Sexy prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

I found a side gig selling my body. Most people sell knock off Louis or knock off MK’s. Not this girl though. I sell the real thing, real blow jobs and real fucking. I know everyone is off celebrating the holidays with their families however for every family there is two lonely men that need a good sucking off.

I find some at a truck stop and immediately offer to make their laps warm with either my mouth or my holes. I hop in one mans truck and begin to suck his twitching cock to the back of my throat. I treat my throat like a throat warmer. I bob my mouth up and down that cock sucking him dry.

I love being a very nasty girl! I chase the taste of his pre cum down with my flask filled with vodka. I am sterilizing my hole mouth. I try not to cum up for air too much until I give him what he paid for! I want that big load of cum to fill up my tummy and keep me warm.

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